Nationally Renowned for winning "Most Effective Marketing" two years in a row, Table Rock Creative Group is your turnkey video marketing solution. Nothing communicates your company’s message better than video, and nobody does it better than we do. We can handle any size project, any size budget.

With a background in narrative film, TRCG knows how to find the story of your business, conceptualize it into a tangible tool and then covert new customers with it. 


Promotional's, Philanthropy, Employee Profiles and everything in between when it comes to promoting your business.

Social Media Content

Social reels, video campaigns and web series have their own more affordable pricing packages.


 Many counties in the surrounding areas, know we are not scared of getting dirty or hanging off a mountain to get the perfect shot to create beautiful shots to promote our communities and drive people to visit.

Plant Tours

North and South Carolina are prime manufacturing states and creating tours and promotional video letting your customers behind the curtain is a fantastic marketing too to both build interest and revenue. 

Proof of Concept

Do you have pilot or a proof of concept you want to produce, film and attempt to sell to a streaming service? TRC has the capacity and expertise to assist you in your vision.


Short Films and Feature Films always entice TRC. Yes, their development and execution are much more time consuming than that of business films but the end goal is always the same: Telling a Masterful Story. 


Many businesses in the area simply want to show the progress of renovations and construction to their investors or board of directors.

Music Video

Music Video budgets can vary tremendously.  They are always a study in the "Moneyball Theory" of production in which you analyze how creative you can be on a time and financial contstraint.

Live Events

During the pandemic we opened the Live Streaming, Live Event department at TRC. This department covers any Live Capturing of Events needed for Web Streaming delivering product in real time. 



The first step in reaching your vision is deciding on the budget for the project. Table Rock can add an arsenal of add ons and equipment to add value in several different departments but ultimately the budget dictates a starting point for the video.



After establishing a budget, the next step is developing the story for your video. What is the goal and how do we collaborate to create a strategy to execute a great video marketing tool.



Table Rock captures the footage based on the budget and vision established from our collaboration.