At Table Rock Creative, we specialize in telling our client's stories in a captivating and engaging way. From concept development to filming and editing, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their message is effectively conveyed through video.

Our team of talented videographers and editors are experts at creating visually stunning videos that capture the essence of our client's unique story. Whether it's a brand video, promotional video, event coverage, or testimonial video, we have the skills and creativity to bring your vision to life.

We understand the power of storytelling and how it can connect with audiences on a deep and emotional level. By focusing on the core message and values of our clients, we are able to create videos that resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression.

From the initial brainstorming session to the final product, Table Rock Creative is dedicated to delivering high-quality videos that exceed our client's expectations. Let us help you tell your story in a way that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.


“Table Rock just makes the process so easy and are so easy to work with. With Video Production Companies there are always additional license fees, hidden fees, add on fees. Table Rock is the exception. What you see is what you get.“ - Sarah Davis, Hickory Metro Convention Center

"Their video just looks different than any of the other video companies we have used. The quality is incredible and the vision is planned out, calculated and executed." - Ryan Weitz, Zion Trailer Rentals