Carmike Cinema Style – The Art of the Film Block

Shooting corporate film can be challenging sometimes. The delivery of the message has to be clear and concise. Many corporate projects also don’t allow for an aesthetically true picture style edit. For example a film scene coverage wise would consist of a “Master Shot,” (Wide Angle with full scene in it,) and then OTS (over the shoulder) and CLOSEUPS, that are used to “edit the scene.” In order to do this style, the subjects have to do it over and over the exact same way. Most of the time even on big budgets, finding Corporate Videos using this style takes away from the “reality” and “unscripted” feel they need to convey.

When SVP began working with Carmike Cinemas, we felt it was the perfect time to incorporate the “movie style” to the movie business.  Being that these videos were going to be for internal use only, we decided to get real creative with them. Here is one “scene” shot and cut:


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