Garrick takes to the Airwaves

Who better to market Table Rock Creative than the Creative Director. For years, Garrick stood behind the curtain and wrote, produced, shot and edited countless videos he never put his name on nor in many bigger corporation incidents was even given credit for the work his company did.

He has decided, although not a big a fan of the limelight, to come out from behind the curtain and do a few “cinematically funny” ads for the company. The scripts have been written and he’s working on casting but has been warming his chops with a new series of videos about “Why Corporate Videos Fail?.” It will be a seven part series of small clips that explain some of the reason companies lose money by marketing and ways that if responsibility is taken, can make epic and effective marketing campaigns.

Here is an introduction:

The Power of Green Screen

With the studio complete, “keying video,” is under way at Table Rock Creative. ¬†Lights, Camera, Streaming, as the studio becomes a fully functional content delivery system where business owners or employees can stand in front of the green screen, deliver their messages into the teleprompter and have product within the hour.

“We have become fully capable of all studio needs and hit the ground running,” Garrick stated as he just completed a “mock” weather report for Johnson & Johnson that was streamed from studio in North Carolina to a business meeting in Miami, Florida. ¬†“Times are changing and we are definitely moving with technology.”


We have shared a quick video to show you the process but was not allowed to show actual video due to internal contracts.