Garrick takes to the Airwaves

Who better to market Table Rock Creative than the Creative Director. For years, Garrick stood behind the curtain and wrote, produced, shot and edited countless videos he never put his name on nor in many bigger corporation incidents was even given credit for the work his company did.

He has decided, although not a big a fan of the limelight, to come out from behind the curtain and do a few “cinematically funny” ads for the company. The scripts have been written and he’s working on casting but has been warming his chops with a new series of videos about “Why Corporate Videos Fail?.” It will be a seven part series of small clips that explain some of the reason companies lose money by marketing and ways that if responsibility is taken, can make epic and effective marketing campaigns.

Here is an introduction:

The Power of Green Screen

With the studio complete, “keying video,” is under way at Table Rock Creative.  Lights, Camera, Streaming, as the studio becomes a fully functional content delivery system where business owners or employees can stand in front of the green screen, deliver their messages into the teleprompter and have product within the hour.

“We have become fully capable of all studio needs and hit the ground running,” Garrick stated as he just completed a “mock” weather report for Johnson & Johnson that was streamed from studio in North Carolina to a business meeting in Miami, Florida.  “Times are changing and we are definitely moving with technology.”


We have shared a quick video to show you the process but was not allowed to show actual video due to internal contracts.

Unique Philosophy Goes To The Drive In

TRCG’s marketing department has signed a deal to create, produce, write and host Lee Bridges’ Midnight Drive In Podcast. The podcast is about the films you have never heard of but must see. It promises to bring you “gems,” and maybe some “stinkers,” too but the show will be an hour about old and new films that may have slipped through the cracks. “It’s like the island of misfit toys, but all or well most of the toys are still pretty awesome.

The podcast will star 3 hosts adding a 4th at some point and will be weekly. Roadhouse Pictures will be doing the engineering and editing of all of the content while Unique handles the marketing.

South Carolina Represent For Country Music

We were commissioned to be the Cinematographer for a music video in Powdersville, SC from Owen Howell, a Nashville Country Writer/Singer. Shot in the middle of the summer in the humidity of the Carolinas, the production was challenged with lots of perspiration getting on the equipment, and several fogged lens moments. On the quest for a unique place for the performance piece of the song, Garrick traveled 3.6 miles straight up from Table Rock State Park’s parking lot to the peak to find his spot. This was the day before principal production. 48 hours later, he would travel with a backpack on his back full of gear up to the top to do the actual shoot. The production however strenuous it was, became a fulfilling weekend of productive creative.

“And I probably lost 15 pounds over the 72 hours,” Garrick stated later.

Lotta Livin' To Do - Music Video Production








Coming Home

The road has been long and grinding for the past three year. We’ve worked with some of the best people imaginable in that span of time and we have seen some great videos transpire out of the labor. Last year started a video campaign that began in Memphis, TN and finished at the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville. Nashville Trips are always a highlight because I love working in the Music City.  By August I was across the world shooting in the sewage trenches of Katanga, Uganda as my will and emotions were tested by what I captured there.


Before I knew it I was in the Nation’s Capital DP’ing a television pilot and then back home to South Carolina for Republican Campaign promotionals. November I’m in Manhattan shooting home packages for American Greatest Makers when I received the call…… I was heading to Los Angeles for a two month stretch to get a television show off the ground.

My company had reached a crossroads during my two months in Los Angeles. I had a decision to make. A company working out of a small office in North Carolina or a full time Producer/Editor on a television show. The offer was made. Everything I had ever wanted, handed to me with years of stability. I just remember looking at Mike and saying, ” I gotta’ go home.” I remember pushing that send button on that email and saying, “OK, striving business owner it is.”  San Vicente Productions was built on three principles: 1)Family 2)Relationships 3)Practice and as much as I had dreamt of being an Executive in Television in Hollywood, I had grown accustomed to a different perspective



Business Trip To Washington DC with a Couple Extra Crew Members

Garrick being a full time father his children sometimes finds himself in situations that most parents find themselves in through the years….. “Baby Sitter Less.” With his wife unexpectedly being called into work and spring break in full effect, Garrick decided instead of postponing a shoot, to what he had done a hand full of times before, and take his kids to work. This trip was exceptionally different than the few times before, as it was in the Nation’s Capital. In pure Garrick fashion, his phone and attachment lenses became a perform documenting tool for the trip.




Getting Outside #1

I ventured out of the city for Super Bowl weekend to get away from the everyday and begin a new project I have been too busy to take on for the past two years. I did not take my camera for the reason that I was not going to work but had been carrying around these Joby and Ollo Products to demo for 3 months and there was so much beauty at Joshua Tree, (and so much human touch,) that I thought I’d do something small with all of it, at least until my phone died.

Getting "Outside"





Carmike Cinema Style – The Art of the Film Block

Shooting corporate film can be challenging sometimes. The delivery of the message has to be clear and concise. Many corporate projects also don’t allow for an aesthetically true picture style edit. For example a film scene coverage wise would consist of a “Master Shot,” (Wide Angle with full scene in it,) and then OTS (over the shoulder) and CLOSEUPS, that are used to “edit the scene.” In order to do this style, the subjects have to do it over and over the exact same way. Most of the time even on big budgets, finding Corporate Videos using this style takes away from the “reality” and “unscripted” feel they need to convey.

When SVP began working with Carmike Cinemas, we felt it was the perfect time to incorporate the “movie style” to the movie business.  Being that these videos were going to be for internal use only, we decided to get real creative with them. Here is one “scene” shot and cut: