Garrick Lane, TRM's CEO began his production career in the studio system of Los Angeles but after deciding he wanted to raise his family in the same environment he was, returned to North Carolina and opened the company in 2008. The company started producing films before transitioning into Corporate branding and advertising. 

In 2013, the company won an EFFY award with another agency, VIMBY, with their Local Basket Claim campaign for Walmart. He moved on to helm campaigns such as Red Nose Day, Pre Super Bowl Promotionals and social media for Kleenex. 

The company produces over 100 videos a year and offers countless services and consultation in the video advertising business. Garrick just recently garnered 3 Cinematography awards for the short western film, Ella and his screenplay is currently touring the writing competitions around the country. 

When Garrick is not producing award winning content , he is spending time with his wife and five kids or is dirt bagging the a long trail somewhere in the mountains. 

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