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Garrick Lane. - Owner

Garrick Lane is a highly accomplished and award-winning filmmaker with a passion for storytelling. With a background in cinematography and advertising, Garrick has won prestigious awards for his work in both films and television. A graduate of UCLA, Garrick honed his skills in Los Angeles before returning home to the Carolinas to raise his family.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Garrick has an impressive portfolio of over 20,000 videos that he has produced, shot, and/or edited. As the owner of Table Rock Creative and Roadhouse Studios, Garrick works with a diverse range of clients, from furniture retailers to tourist attractions to large-budget documentaries and films.

Splitting his time between South Carolina and North Carolina, Garrick has successfully built his company into one of the premier video marketing firms in the Carolinas. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for captivating storytelling, Garrick Lane continues to push the boundaries of video marketing and transform his clients' visions into reality.


Coble Hartman - Editor

Coble Hartman has been an invaluable asset to the Table Rock Creative team since joining in 2021. His journey in video editing began in elementary school, using just an iPad mini, showcasing early his innate storytelling abilities. Notably, Coble won over $60,000 in video contests during his academic years, generously donating all winnings to his schools, reflecting his deep commitment to community support.

Graduating with three degrees by age 18, Coble's academic prowess led him to study data engineering at UC Berkeley, where he harnessed data analysis and machine learning to enhance clients' ad performance and community engagement at Table Rock Creative. Additionally, his expertise as an audio engineer, gained through work in local theatres and performing arts studios, enriches the firm’s projects, further exemplifying his multifaceted talent.

Coble Hartman stands as a paragon of innovation, creativity, and technological savvy, driving forward Table Rock Creative’s mission with unmatched dedication and insight.


Josh McHugh - Producer
Josh McHugh is a seasoned Writer/Producer with experience in both television and film production in Los Angeles. With a background in Accounting and as the Executive Vice President at Kruse Corporation in Kansas City, he brings a unique perspective to his role at Table Rock Creative.
In his current position at Table Rock Creative, Josh is responsible for developing the firm's video marketing services and working closely with clients to develop and execute successful video campaigns. His attention to detail and strategic planning skills ensure that each project is carefully planned and executed to meet the client's goals within budget.
With his diverse background and creative mindset, Josh is an invaluable asset to the Table Rock Creative team, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project he undertakes.

"Table Rock walked us through the entire process. They streamlined the shoot and were ahead of the deadline. It was a very successful campaign."

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