Right before COVID hit, Garrick partnered with Josh Lloyd at Ridge Journal to make some unique content that reached the local and maybe not so local outdoor community. Garrick has always been a huge outdoor buff and advocate for a greener earth, so he thought why not spread all that passion for the North Carolina Mountains using the tools he already possesses.

After Episode 4 was “in the can,” Garrick contracted the coronavirus and went down from it for the majority of the winter months where ski trips and other segments were planned.

A 3 day frozen survival video set in the gorge of Linville was to be the first real long form episode. Is was going to really emphasize the four to five shorter episodes that came before it. All those plans were scrapped as Garrick’s collateral damage from COVID pretty much put him out of commission.

From numbness of the legs to difficulty breathing, Garrick’s progressively worsening state halted all the show’s momentum.

Then in late March, Garrick put his Altra’s back on and pushed a two mile run out in Riverbend Park.

It gave him enough of a push to begin trying to get back to 100%.

“I had really gotten down on myself. I stopped worrying about my health. I ate fried chicken, drank Coca Cola, and just really disregarded all the progress I had made,” he said.

A couple runs later, he was given an opportunity to go to ZIon National Park and film a session. That really shifted things back into gear.

Since March, Garrick has filmed four more episodes and has at least 8 more in pre production through the summer.

The plan is to get ten cut for summer release and then shoot a promotional to raise more money to make more through the fall and winter.

“I’m confident using my skills to bring this unique show to the internet will bring more awareness to the area around us. People are missing all this. They are plugged in and missing these beautiful moments. Maybe after watching Adventure Lane, they will close their laptop!”

We shall see.

On Location of Adventure Lane – Chimney Rock
Shots from Zion Episode

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