When Garrick was called to do a BET Digital Shoot in Raleigh, he knew exactly who the talent was. The reason he knew who the talent was is because well, Garrick’s most favorite Hip Hop Artist lives in Raleigh. The talent was no other than Big Daddy Kane.

Garrick is no greenhorn when working with celebrities especially hip hop artists but this was different. As a kid he mowed his fathers yard three times to get the money to ride the bus to the ball and buy Big Daddy Kane’s “Long Live The Kane” album. It was his first hip hop album so for him to be directing him on the You Tube show, “Rate The Bars,” is a big thing.

I am not suppose to bother talent with autographs and pictures. My assistant camera however, knew how important the shoot was and did the dirty work for me, asking him for one picture. We snapped it off and away he went.

Garrick’s Hip Hop Idol

Here is the show:

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