As a camera man, I fight with myself on every opportunity I have to make video. I rarely get to snow ski. When I was a child, I did it every weekend. As a 46 year old guy with five children, getting to the slope with everybody on several occasions over the winter can be hard and pricey.

And to devote the whole day or night skiing on capturing my children skiing would be a waste of one of my only opportunities—- With that said, I had to film something.

With my new outdoor series coming up in the Spring I have to start building some buzz so to speak so any little video I do in the elements can only be a positive thing.

Well, I opted to use my Go Pro 8 for the stabilization to capture a few runs and shots of our trip. We skied Beech Mountain and at night, which Go Pro’s do not do very well with.

I took my youngest daughter and just shot a couple quick videos on my phone because we stayed on the bunny slope and I think honestly the IPhone is better all around. It handles the blacks better and just the over all color and contrast is better…. NOW!!!

The Go Pro is more durable. It can get wet, clip on to helmets and all sorts of other options where as your phone is your phone and if takes a dive off of the chair lift while you are filming the kids on the quad lift well then you are probably out more money and inconvenience.

You can see the difference below.

Go Pro – Beech Mountain Skiing

IPhone Footage – Beech Mountain

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