Table Rock Creative is teaming with Ridge Journal to create a local web series, that is tentatively titled, Adventure Lane. The series will place Garrick in “adventure mode,” in different parks with different gear all over Western North Carolina.

The series will start releasing shows in the fall. Some of the parks that they plan to visit are Catawba Falls, Lake Norman, Rocky Face, Ridgeline and Lake James State Park.

They shot a “pilot” so to speak in Garrick’s own Riverbend.

When Garrick is not working in Atlanta, Greenville or Asheville, he is at his office which is 3 miles from Riverbend and is where he escapes to run 4 days a week. He thought why not contribute back to the park he loves and build a test run in this park. Here is the final that has been shared over 20 times on Social Media and has garnered a lot of attention since going public. We are looking forward to seeing more.

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