The COVID – 19 Pandemic has put several productions on hold. Many businesses have taken a huge hit, however nobody was hit more by the crisis than the schools. Juniors and Seniors who were looking forward to Prom and Graduation, were left with a huge void in their heart when the Governor closed the schools for the rest of the year. 

Schools scrambled to figure out graduation plans with many schools having no answers. Newton – Conover High School decided to do individual graduations giving each graduate and their family 10 minutes each on stage but adhering to the practice of social distancing. 

On top of that Table Rock Creative and BPope Productions teamed up to bring the graduation to a live stream platform and offering a customizable clip to all the graduates. Over four days we have covered over 150 graduates and captured/broadcast every second of it.

A crew of three and our arsenal of technology and we were able to make a few high school graduates victorious moment not be completed in vain. 

Here is a sample of the live stream we produced. 

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