When we were commissioned to create a Movie Opening for the National Chain, Golden Ticket Cinema, the initial vision was to progress 80 years in movie going. Garrick’s original pitch was too have a little girl from the the 50’s era get out of a studebaker and rush to an old theater as it transitioned into a couple in the 60s buying tickets. This would transition into a family in the 70s buying popcorn and so on and so forth until the final vignette would be the 2000s as a a group of friends sit in reclining seating and listen to Dolby 7 sound as the movie starts.

It was ambitious and after breaking down the budget, it was a little over what the client wanted to spend to start. It did not change the fact that Garrick went the extra mile to sell the vision. While on vacation in Oak Island, he physically drew out the storyboards to pitch to the owners of the theater.

Here is a quick flip video of the rough but elaborate sketches used in the business pitch.

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