Thank you for visiting Table Rock Creative Group. In business, since 2001, (under a different name.) TRC is the pinnacle of Digital Video Marketing on the Southern East Coast. With clients from Boston to Miami, Los Angeles to Myrtle Beach, Table Rock Creative Group is a rapidly growing marketing firm that assists your company tell their story through unique visual imagery. 




The Carolinas’ Pinnacle in Video Marketing

Through years of experience, the company has evolved into various different outlets of the video production field. The owner, Garrick Lane began as a film student in Los Angeles focusing on screenwriting or “The Story” process of the art. He landed various entry level jobs in production before planting a foundation in Production. This skill along with writing, directing and editing made him a “Rebel Without A Crew,” or a “One Man Show.” Years later, Garrick returned to North Carolina to raise a family and opened Table Rock's doors. The work has become renowned Nationwide and he shares an EFFIE Award with Vimby, out of Los Angeles, for the 'Most Effective Marketing Campaign.' Using the Cinematic Method, yet keeping the principles of Corporate Branding and Video, Table Rock has a unique look that cannot be duplicated.

EFFIE Award Winning Company with Vimby for the Walmart Local Basket Claim Ads. 2011-2013

Table Rock Creative Group will work with any budget and has the resources and experience to take on any sized project.

“Garrick Lane, does something very unique with all his projects. He pinpoints the story and he tells it. Even in a thirty second spot there is a beginning, middle, and end.”

"I felt lucky as I was rewarded with one of the most gifted people I have ever met in my project. Innovative, hard working, passionate with a vision like no other. Garrick brings out of the box thinking to reality."  - Ryan Blake, National Basketball Association Scouting

Call us today for consultation. It would be our pleasure to bring your vision to life and start making more capital for your business through video marketing.

Table Rock Creative is the all inclusive answer for your company's digital needs. Call today and let's begin the collaboration.




Just need a camera man for your company’s project? Garrick has over 20 years of experience.


From a beverage napkin sketch to 1080 lines of resolution, TRCG is your all inclusive digital marketing company.


Already produced and shot your project? Just need Post Production or Editing? TRCG’s state of the art editing facility is available to you. 


Training, Internet, Branding, and Customer Service Video for your company is our specialty.



Award Winning Table Rock Creative Group focuses on Corporate Video Production comprised of professionals who bring creative ingenuity and passion for the art to every project. For over a decade, we have created corporate videos with cinematic imagery that educate and connect customers to their clients’ products, services, and brand.

We offer a vast selection of services such as:

-Corporate Video -Training Videos
-Promotional Video
-Public Service Announcements
-Live Events
-Sports Pressers
-Music Videos
-Worker's Comp/Disposition Documentaries
-Construction/3D Modeling
-YouTube Videos
-Television Production


TRCG specializes in Training, Corporate and Company Branding videos using a Cinematic Storytelling Approach.  


Have a project? Need just a Producer, Camera Man or Editor? 

“Garrick Lane is one of the most creative talents I have worked with in my professional career. He has the unique ability to identify and capture what is relevant not only to his customers, but his customer’s customers. He has the vision to create a fresh video perspective that speaks to the customer creating an emotional connection between the business and the consumer. He is truly exceptional at what he does. He creates “moments” that people carry with them throughout their lifetime.”
-Tracey Trimble, Executive Vice Pre.sident & General Manager, Hickory Furniture Mart


Storytelling has no budget or size. Using creative and innovative ideas to reach a common goal can be achieved on any scale of project. This concept has been Table Rock Creative Group's Mission Statement since Day One.


Clients and Collaborators We Serve

"The Creative Group has a unique way of fleshing out the direction of the story and telling it to your customers." -Chris Sepulveda, Carmike Cinemas Marketing Director

Mosquito AuthorityEvents


What seemed like every night of the week, this was the sight outside my office window as the night hours burned in on a 12 hour work day. The colors were always slightly different it seemed. I took many of these pictures during my time working on a television show in Santa Monica. Those hours looking out onto that sunset brought so many inspirational ideas and theories, despite, also having to look at the condo Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered in 1993.

This picture was from the final night in Los Angeles before I returned to North Carolina to re-brand and re-direct the company. I watched that sunset burn out while I focused on the mission in front of me. I wanted to focus on quality video, affordable prices, unique looks, and immaculate customer service. I have never enjoyed telling a client, “no we cannot do that in the budget presented,” and I normally do not which sets us a part. We may work an extra twenty hours or sacrifice some of the Above The Line to pay for that extra rental to assure we get “THE SHOT,” and I believe it is what sets us apart from other companies in the area.
I also realized that there are two options for small businesses or large corporations for that matter: 1) They are going to pay several “up and coming” businesses new to the video marketing field, relatively nothing to deliver quick and ineffective results that have to be re-created over and over. This cycle usually begins, because the company depends on the videographer to find the story and create the campaign, and that business/videographer only knows how to frame an interview and record good sound. He/She has not done their homework and researched, developed or comprehended the story the company is trying to tell.

He/She has not sat in on meetings with the company’s marketing team, spent hours in pre-production conceptualizing with the client and really taken the time to find the points needed for video. He/She has simply shown up with a camera and a couple of lights.

Since You Tube’s inception, I have witnessed this time and time again and unfortunately this practice effects my business because companies’ end up wasting valuable marketing dollars and not getting the results they want, which in turn, turns the company against the idea of successful video marketing campaigns by the time a company like mine shows up at their door.

2) Pay an experienced veteran company that knows how to create a story and make a quality effective video using a relatively moderate budget ONCE. A higher cap in the marketing budget but a precisely made legacy video that is effective for years to come. Why not hire a company that is going to know what your business is and have a plan for the marketing campaign before you grant us a meeting. One time, I spent 30 hours hand drawing storyboards for a client, just to show them exactly what I had in mind for project, before they had even agreed. That is where this company stands out and it shows in our final works. It is truly the reason we are the Southern East Coast’s standard in Video Marketing.”

-Garrick Lane – Creative Director

Inspirational Sunsets & A Mission Statement



EFFY Award Winning Company with Vimby for the Local Basket Claim Campaign with Walmart 2011-2013


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Music Videos, Films and Documentaries Produced 


The Creative Team

Garrick Lane

Garrick Lane

Creative Director View Details
Brian Scott

Brian Scott

Drone Operator/SC Business Affairs View Details
William Huang

William Huang

Videographer View Details
Carrie Lane

Carrie Lane

Client Services/NC Business Affairs View Details
Garrick Lane

Garrick Lane

Creative Director

Garrick brings his experience as a Television Producer and screenwriting to the Business World with a unique technique to tell your company’s story. Garrick is the company’s creative force and oversees all aspects of production. From concept to finished edit, his experience ensures clients expectations are exceeded.

Brian Scott

Brian Scott

Drone Operator/SC Business Affairs

A Veteran who found a love from flying, architecture and business in the production world. Brian has worked for some of the top architectural firms in the country and flown for the US Army as a UH60 and OH58D pilot. His technical experience and passion to share our vision with others can have him capturing the shot with a UAV one day, and in a suit talking to perspective clients the next.

William Huang

William Huang


While attending Full Sail, William developed a keen eye for details and incorporates it into every frame of video he documents. Williams talent behind the camera enables production to run smooth and remain on time no matter the difficulty of the production.

Carrie Lane

Carrie Lane

Client Services/NC Business Affairs

Carrie is the backbone of the company keeping the office and Garrick organized while contacting clients to assure their satisfaction. Her attention to detail and oversight of all aspects of production budget mean clients get the most value for every dollar invested.


TRCG In The Community

When the Production Team is not working, some of the TRCG crew are in the community assisting in the fight to save our earth. A Nature Enthusiast and Environmental Activist, Garrick Lane, is constantly utilizing his resources and talents to bring video awareness to the environment issue through his blog and web videos, (he usually captures from his phone,) he makes his presence known while wishing his vignettes inspire others to tread lightly in their little space on this planet.

Getting "Outside"

Trash on the Mountain


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